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Rhino Products - Roof Racks

Rhino Products roof racks are designed specifically for use on commercial vehicles and vans. Our roof racks are built for heavy duty usage and are able to carry multiple pieces of equipment like ladder restraints, pipes carriers, sheet material and scaffolding.

Our Aluminium Rack is designed to be as lightweight as possible but with maximum strength capabilities to ensure your van’s maximum weight limit isn’t being used up by the weight of the unloaded roof rack alone.

Aerodynamics are an extremely important element to get right and at Rhino Products we believe we have them mastered. All of our roof racks feature aerodynamically shaped cross tubes, side frames and aerofoils to help reduce wind noise and to allow them to be as fuel efficient as possible.

We understand that you are proud of your vehicle as it is the next greatest reflection of your business after you. Because of this, we aim to design all of our products to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and with the main aim of not only enhancing the performance of your equipment transportation requirements but to enhance the overall appearance of vehicle.

We are extremely proud of the safety standards of our products, our roof racks pass stringent safety checks and are fully TUV Certified and crash tested to 20g (twice the force of gravity). 20g crash testing is twice the required industry standard which is followed by many of our competitors which we believe puts our products ahead.
Fitting our roof racks really couldn’t be easier. All of our roof racks are easy to assemble and come with detailed fitting instructions. These fitting instructions provide a step by step guide on how to properly assemble and fit your Rhino Products roof rack to the mounting points on the vehicles roof.

Our roof racks are backed up by an array of high quality additional accessories to enable your rack to carry ladders, pipes, conduit or sheet material which allows you to really make the most of your Rhino Products roof rack.