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Rhino Products - Roof Bars

Rhino roof bars are some of the most highly respected and trusted roof bar systems on the market. Our roof bars are designed for use on commercial vehicles and vans only. Due to the nature of the market we cater for our roof bars are extremely strong yet lightweight and are the perfect tool for carrying ladders, equipment and building materials on the roof of your van. Roof bars are a lighter alternative to the common roof rack system with the main difference between the two being that roof bars do not come supplied with side frames. The exclusion of side frames makes roof bars a lighter and more aerodynamic alternative for your van.

Adding a roof bar system to your van or commercial vehicle allows you to make the most of it and allows you to increase the internal load space of the vehicle by moving weather proofed items of equipment and materials out of the back and onto the roof of your van.

Both of our Delta Bar® and KammBar® systems are built with superior aerodynamics at the forefront of the design brief. Our roof bars allow for excellent airflow over the top of the vehicle which helps to significantly reduce wind noise in the cab and make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

Rhino roof bars fit to the vast majority of today’s light commercial vehicles and provide superb overall strength and work with the contours of the vehicle to enhance its appearance even when fully loaded.

Our range of roof bars are supported by our range of high quality accessories which can aid in transporting ladders, pipes and equipment on the roof of your van or commercial vehicle.

At Rhino Products the safety of our products is our number one priority. Our roof bars are crash tested to 20g and are TUV Rheinland certified.

Superior aesthetics, simple fitting and unprecedented quality is why we believe that Rhino Products roof bars are the best on the market.