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Rhino Products - Ladder Restraints

If you have purchased a Rhino Products roof rack or roof bar system there is an extremely high chance that you have done so in order to transport a ladder on the roof of your van. Our range of ladder restraints and ladder clamps are some of the most technologically advanced and user friendly on the market.

Our ladder restraint systems are designed to enable you to load, unload and secure ladders onto the roof of the van from the safety of ground level doing away with the need to climb onto the van’s roof.

Equipping your roof bars or roof rack with a ladder restraint (SafeStow3® / LadderStow®) or ladder clamp (SafeClamp®) not only delivers a solution to transporting your ladders securely it also allows provides you with peace of mind.

Whether you require a system to carry single, double or extra wide ladders we have a product which will meet and surpass your requirements. Our ladder restraint systems are designed to fit and work specifically with our roof racks and roof bar systems and really allow you to fully utilise your roof system to its maximum potential.

If you require a ladder restraint for a higher roofed vehicle then SafeStow3® would be the perfect choice. Due to SafeStow3’s® unique gas ram assisted lifting and lowering mechanism it perfectly suits the loading requirements of vehicles with higher roofs. For lower roofed vans we recommend the use of our LadderStow®. LadderStow® enables you to manually store and secure your ladders quickly and easily without the need to climb onto the vehicle to reach the roof. With a click buckle strap at the rear of the LadderStow® you can easily operate it with just one hand enabling fast and easy loading and unloading of the ladder from the ladder restraint in seconds.

No matter what roof rack or roof bar system you use if you carry ladders on it you will need to ensure that they are secure. For added security our SafeClamp® ladder clamp really is the market leader. It can be used on any roof bar or roof rack and it not only clamps the ladder in place it also locks it in place for added theft prevention.